Canon 6D Vs. Nikon S3300

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Picking digital cameras can be a chore for some individuals. Each product has a specific set of features with distinct benefits and there are a wide range of options to choose from. The Canon and Nikon are both capable models for cutting edge camera enthusiasts and photographers alike. The Canon stands out with its high camera sensor resolution and excels in professional photography, whereas the Nikon is also notable.
Canon 6D Nikon S3300
Features Canon 6D Nikon S3300
Height 4.37 cm 5.78 cm
Exterior Color Black Purple
HDMI Output Yes Not Specified
Digital Camera Type Digital SLR Compact
Digital Cameras_Sensor Resolution 20.2 MP 16.0 MP
Screen Diagonal Size 3" 2.7"
Lens System Body only Not Specified
Flash Type Detachable Flash Not Specified
Width 5.71 cm 9.48 cm
Depth 2.8 cm 1.95 cm
Screen Technology LCD LCD
Integrated Memory size Not Specified 42 MB
Digital Zoom Not Specified 4x
Max Resolution Video Not Specified 1280 x 720
Optical Zoom Not Specified 6x

Canon 6D

The Canon has a 20.2 MP camera resolution, so you can capture moments in time with amazing clarity. Also, its 11-point autofocus system helps you take well-focused shots. You can choose from a variety of lenses thanks to its SLR mechanism. Furthermore, the Canon has an HDMI connection, so you can hook up to a host of high-definition devices. Its 3-inch screen size enables you to take in a panoramic viewing area.

Nikon S3300

The Nikon has a 16 MP sensor resolution, so you can create impressive image enlargements. Moreover, you can narrow in on subjects from far away thanks to its 6x optical zoom. The Nikon's HDMI connection helps you display images on HD televisions or projectors. In addition, it sports a 2.7-inch screen size, allowing you to see larger-than-life images.

Comparing the Canon 6D Vs Nikon S3300

On average, the Canon leads by example and is a good choice for professional photography. The Canon has a 26% greater camera sensor resolution, so you can produce much bigger photo enlargements. What's more, the Canon's SLR design lets you pick from a wider range of lenses. Furthermore, you can view higher-quality playback of images and videos thanks to its 11% larger screen size. Not to be out-done however, the Nikon does well with a powerful optical zoom and a convenient HDMI connection.

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