Canon Powershot A70 Digital camera

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Spending a few minutes telling people about the Canon Powershot A70 Digital camera.

Overall, the Powershot A70 is a really good camera with many features. I have used a few cameras, and would hazard a guess that this is possibly the best 3 megapixel camera there is. Generally they have a very good reputation (*but see below though) and hold their price quite well on eBay because of this.

I mainly use mine for photos for eBay (using the macro option) and photos are always clear and sharp.
The camera is so easy to use. Just set set to 'Auto', push down lightly on the button for the camera to focus, then fully down to take a shot - Simple.
For all types of photography this camera is good, and gives some lovely photos - Nice and sharp with lovely colours. The only gripe I have is on the few occasions I took flash shots indoors using the built-in flash unit, quite a few times the photos would suffer from 'red-eye' quite badly, but since I hardly ever used it for that it wasn't too much of an issue.

The 16Mb Compact flash Memory card supplied is far too small, and would recommend to use at least a 128Mb card. I use a 256Mb card and store around 150 photos on it at max resolution.

The camera takes 4 x AA batteries for power, so getting spare or emergency power is easy. Grab a few sets of rechargeables and you are good to go. The battery set does make the camera quite heavyish though, and a little bulky - You will certainly feel the weight if its in your pocket.

BUT . . .

Aging cameras might start to suffer and there are two possible issues which the potential buyer should look out for on an elderly unit:

1) A very common fault is that the CCD on these models fail. This is manifested by all photos you take looking washed out or having a magenta/red cast. This happened to an A70 I have. This is a known problem with the CCDs and is recognised by Casio - So much so that they will (currently) repair faulty CCDs at  their support centres for free.

2) If dropped or badly handled (maybe its just worn out?) the camera would be unable to retract the shutter and will give an E-18 (error 18) message on the display and stop functioning. This is a lens mechanism fault and must be sent to the manufacturers to fix (or you might try fixing it yourself - Do a google).


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