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Guide deleted!


I decided to remove this guide as it is outdated now and it was out dated few months back. Now you must be thinking if nothing is available then why am i being forced to read all this. well the simple answer is once anyone writes down the guide after that they can only edit it. And talking about editing well the best tool writer gets is to just change the wording and turn it into something boring as well as waste someones precisous time.

And the most important tool which i think should be writer's right to have to DELETE the guide is not available to writer. So i can not delete my own words and work.

Now i made u read all this as i needed to fill in the basic 100 words in order to edit this guide and put it up just bit of information to let users know this can happen. you can not delete the guide as of yet on ebay once you have written and posted it.

In the end i would like to appologise to all who think i wasted their time by writing all this well i hope this can be useful to you and you stop searching for a method to delete the guide you once created. That should save you some time from searching around as eventually you might have to do what i did.


P.S: Just noticed the new EBAY options regarding Deleting the Guide, Now ebay does give you OPTIONS to (Display/Not Display or Permanantly Delete Guide). In order to do that, Just go into Your REVIEWs and GUIDES and then SELECT the GUIDE you want to REMOVE, and Choose the Required Option. I will keep the above information in this guide just as reference for some who would have been through the situation a while ago and NOW can go and get the required Results.



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