Cap Badge Fraud

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Unlike any other form of collecting, army cap badges offer a personal and unique insight to the British army,with their Regimental Mottos, history and thus rarity. And so demand. With anything which has a demand, a supply is met, unfortunatly in the case of Cap Badges, met by production of copies or Restrikes as they are termed.

These Fakes are often sold as originals, having been "aged" by chemical interaction with the metals,held in a buffing wheel to remove any sharp edges, some obvious Things to look out for are; The rare and seemingly more desirable badges offered at a fraction of the true value-if it sounds too good to be true-it probably is! Badges with sliders,with the makers name along that slider, the letters for example on lancers badges as an example, no proud serving soldier would wear a badge with mis-spaced lettering,as Ive seen on ebay, LANCER S to give you an idea.

Sellers who hide the listing number do allow themselves to hide from the fact they have probably sold the "same" rare badge 7 times or more,remember if you buy a badge descibed as original, and it is not, consider reporting the matter, as a possible case of obtaining money by deception


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