Cappuccino Italian Coffee Recipe

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Cappuccino is an excelent aromatic coffee mainly consumed by Italians in the morning. The classic Italian cappuccino is made by equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. The total quantity is approximately 1 small 180ml cup (6oz).

Step by step Instructions

Foaming milk

To foam milk it's best to use the dedicated steam arm of an espresso machine. Put 200ml of cold fresh milk in a jug. Put the steam arm just below the milk surface, and open the steam valve. You should hear a characteristic "ch-ch" sound, and watch the milk slowly increasing in volume. Try to put the steam arm in such a way that the milk makes a swirling motion. Angling the milk jug a bit may help to start the swirling motion. Swirling helps to make a better quality foam, whick ideally is like cream in density!

Your milk should stretch to almost twice the volume. When it gets hot enough close the steam valve.


Using a milk thermometer is very useful to get the ideal milk temperature. When your milk temperature gets in the 65 to 70 C degrees temperature range, quickly turn off the steam valve. Let your steamed milk to "rest" for a minute.

Brew espresso

Brew 2 shots of espresso, using 14-16gr of finely ground espresso coffee, in a preheated cappuccino mug. Add sugar or flavoured syrup if you want. If you want a milder coffee only brew one espresso shot. The ideal espresso will have strong aroma and hazel-brown dense crema on top.

Free Pouring

Pour the steamed milk on top of your just brewed espresso. Properly stretched milk is 50% hot milk and 50% foam milk, so the resulting cappuccino will be perfect in proportions. Free pouring is not always easy and requires experience. If free pouring gives you poor results you can "cheat" by using a big table spoon to separate foam from milk. Pour equal parts of milk and foam using the table spoon.

Choose Topping

If you want you can top your cappuccino with vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa or caramel sauce. You can even design patterns with cocoa, chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.

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