Car Accessory Buying Guide

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Car Accessory Buying Guide

Car accessories allow motorists to customise their vehicles in a variety of ways. There are accessories that add decorative accents, in addition to car parts that improve performance and functionality. Drivers should decide whether they want to enhance the car's interior, exterior, or engine before buying accessories.


Interior Car Accessories

Decorative accessories allow drivers to customise the car's interior according to their favourite style and colours. A steering wheel cover adds a bright touch to a drab interior, and leather accents give the car a sophisticated look. A racing-style steering wheel provides a sporty appearance. Motorists can bring some colour to their display with LED lights. To protect the upholstery from spills and tears, buyers can select seat covers in a design that complements the vehicle. Seat organisers hold maps, toys, and DVDs to keep the vehicle neat and tidy. Rubber floor mats make it easy to keep the car clean.


Exterior Car Accessories

Exterior car accessories include bodywork modifications, such as new spoilers and bumpers. Front and rear car spoilers help to improve the aerodynamic performance of the car. Front splitters installed under the bumper give the vehicle a more assertive look. Bonnet vents help to move cold air into the engine and allow hot air to escape. Some bonnet scoops simply decorate the car, while others improve the air intake. Drivers can customise side mirrors with LED lights and add neon effects in the same colour to the underside of the car. Other exterior accessories include number plate surrounds, graphic stickers, and window tints.


Car Engine Accessories

Many motoring enthusiasts like to add engine accessories to enhance the car's performance. Installing air intakes into the engine brings in more air to provide better combustion. Replacing the air filters on the car also improves combustion because older filters often become clogged over time. Inserting catalysts into the fuel line improves fuel quality, which makes the car more fuel efficient. Installing a new throttle body kit gives the engine a power upgrade.

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