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The purpose of a loudspeaker is to convert the audio signal in its electrical form to a pressure wave that we can perceive as sound. Like any component in a car stereo system the ultimate goal of the speaker is to do its job without adding any coloration (changing of the original sound) to the audio signal. Ideally only one loudspeaker per side would be needed to reproduce the entire audio spectrum. Unfortunately a speaker that can produce low frequencies has too much mass to be able to produce the higher frequencies. This is why we have coaxial and component speakers. Subwoofers are also used in order to produce the extreme lows of music with impact that can be felt as well as heard. Speakers have an extreme range in quality and price. They also have the greatest impact on the overall sound of a car stereo system.

When shopping for car speakers be sure and listen to the speakers before you buy them. There is no other way to know how the speakers will sound to you. At Car Audio Centre, we are more than willing to give you a sample listening. Be sure to bring music that you normally listen to when you audition the loudspeakers. This will give you a better idea of how the speakers are reproducing sounds you are familiar with. Listen closely for low level details and how natural different instruments sound. When you have narrowed down your choices to a couple of different speakers, audition them at length. A poor quality car speaker will become tiresome to listen to, usually because of an exaggerated low and high end. Be sure to adjust the bass and treble as well as the volume to levels that are comfortable to you.

Also,  when choosing loudspeakers, be realistic. If you do not want to modify your existing speaker holes, shop for speakers that will fit in the current space available. Keep in mind depth considerations, especially in doors where speakers may interfere with windows rolling down, dashes where speakers may be limited by ducts for heat and air, and rear decks where depth is limited by torsion bars that run underneath the rear deck. When shopping for subwoofers don't get crazy trying to stuff your car with subwoofers. Consider how much room you have and how much of it you are willing to sacrifice to achieve the low end. This will determine size as well as enclosure type for the woofers you choose.

Car Audio Centre  is able to give you sizes and dimensions, and suggest products that suit your needs. Feel free to browse our extensive range of over 3000 product lines, giving you the most AND best choice within the UK.

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