Car Cleaning Accessories Buying Guide

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Car Cleaning Accessories Buying Guide

Driving around in a car that is spotlessly clean inside out provides sheer pleasure. While washing the car periodically at the professional car wash centre does keep the car sparkling and clean, there is something special about taking care of one's own car. With hundreds of effective car cleaning accessories and care products easily available, it can be a satisfying process to go about doing a thorough cleaning and achieving that showroom finish. And the money saved, in addition to the knowledge gained about the cleaning products and tools needed to accomplish a thorough job, can be the icing on the cake.

Car cleaning and care products are aplenty in stores around town; however, they may also be ordered from reputable online stores such as eBay.. All-purpose cleaners, degreasers, waxes, polishes, glazes, and a whole array of car valeting accessories and care products on eBay run into a number of pages with dozens of listings. Shoppers can order numerous products at one go from such an exhaustive list, besides being able to compare and select different products at reasonable prices.

What is Car Valeting?

Using one's car on a daily basis exposes it to a lot of rough and tumble, however careful the driver may be. The light scratches, dirt, and spiderwebs that can appear on the exterior over time reduce the shine and can seem unsightly. Grime accumulates in the interiors and on tyres and rims as well. Restoring the car to its pristine showroom finish requires cleaning the exteriors and interiors as well as polishing and waxing the paint. Additionally, cleaning and shining the wheels, rims, and tyres as well as the glass, dashboard, mats, carpets, and upholstery can take effort. Removing stains and odours is done in the final stages of cleaning. Professionals may also undertake to do some light cosmetic restoration for an additional fee. However, barring this, the rest can easily be done by the car owner in stages.

How to go About Cleaning a Car

Starting the cleaning job with the interiors of the car is a wise thing to do. Otherwise, the person ends up getting inside the car several times after stepping on puddles of dirty water, if any, outside. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner cords may be pulled through the water, making cleaning a messy affair. The accessories and cleaning products that are needed should be kept at hand before commencing the cleaning.

Cleaning Car Accessories for the Interior

A portable car vacuum cleaner is essential for cleaning the interiors of the car. Cleaning the interior of the car begins by removing and vacuum cleaning the floor mats. Using an appropriate attachment with the vacuum cleaner, proceed to clean the seats, carpet, and the floor of the car, from pedals, all the way to the nooks under the rear seats. Using a brush attachment, vacuum the dashboard, cleaning the meters, gauges, vents, knobs, and handles with care. The carpet can be cleaned using carpet cleaner sprayed onto the carpet or using a soft cloth, water, and laundry detergent. Care should be taken not to wet the carpet too much, or else the underlying metal may corrode if the wetness settles in, and it can even lead to mould formation. Mild car shampoos are also available for cleaning carpets and upholstery in vehicles. Seats made of leather, fabric, or vinyl can be vacuum cleaned as well.

After vacuum cleaning the interiors, tackle any stains that appear on the upholstery. Many car upholstery cleaners do a good job of clearing away the stains. For this, the cleaner is sprayed evenly onto the stained area and thoroughly rubbed in. After the stain dissolves, the area is rubbed clean with a soft, dry cloth. For leather seats and other parts such as the steering wheel and the shift stick that are covered in leather, a moist soft cotton cloth is ideal. Some people prefer to use cleaners formulated for leather seats or cleaner wipes..

The dashboard and plastic knobs handles and vents should also be wiped clean with a moist cloth. The plastic parts can be wiped with a soft microfibre towel with some polish on it. Rubbing gently on the surfaces works up a shine on these parts, and polish also acts forms a protective coat on the plastic. Next, clean the glass of the car windows in the interior, using a non-smear windscreen glass cleaner..

Cleaning Car Accessories for the Exterior

Cleaning the exterior of the car must start with the wheels, as these could be gunky and dirty. After wetting the wheels thoroughly, spray on a wheel cleaner and work it in using a detailing brush with feathered bristles. Wheel cleaners are available as alloy wheel cleaners and acid-free bilberry cleaners and are effective in clearing out brake dust, which can wear the finish of metal and form tiny craters on the wheel. The tyres can be washed using car soap,, scrubbed lightly using a soft brush to loosen grime accumulated in the treads. Rinse well using a garden hose fitted with a pressurised spray handle. Dry the tyres and wheels using a dry microfibre towel. Apply a good quality wax to the tyre using an appropriate wax applicator, and buff the tyre to a shine.

A weekly application of car wax ensures that brake dust does not adhere to the wheels, and subsequent cleaning jobs can be done using only water. Finally, a couple of layers of any water-based tyre dressing can nourish the tyres and keep them looking shiny. It is advisable to follow the directions on the package and allow complete drying between two applications. Tyre dressings protect against ultraviolet rays to prevent drying and cracking of tyres. The rest of the exterior of the car can now be washed easily.

A hose is used to rinse the car from the roof downwards. Using warm water and a suitable car soap that protects the paint, a sponge is used to work up lather on the exterior. The soap is rinsed off with a hose and a dried using microfibre cloth or chamois leather cloth. Leaving the doors open allows excess water to drip out from the door frame.

Claying, Polishing, and Waxing the Car

This is the way professionals go about detailing to achieve the showroom finish. Claying the car is rubbing a bar of clay on the surface to remove impurities and contaminants that are embedded in the paint and invisible to the human eye. This is a procedure that can be done just once or twice annually.

Clay spray,, which is a lubricant, is used along with the clay bar to move the bar smoothly on the car's surface. The procedure involves kneading a piece of clay to soften it, spraying the lubricant liberally and gliding the clay bar in smooth back and forth  movements. Discard clay that is laden with impurities, and repeat the process across the whole surface. The excess lubricant should be wiped away using microfibre cloth.

Using a foam applicator, an even coat of smoothing car polish applied to the prepared surface can remove scratches and imperfections. This is followed by applying a car wax, such as a carnauba wax, or a paint sealant for that final smooth finish. There are some differences between the finishes achieved by paint sealants and natural carnauba waxes..

Carnauba Waxes

Paint Sealant

Natural material obtained from the carnauba palm

Man-made paint protection

Extra shiny and glossy finish

Not as shiny as the wax finish

Lasts from six to eight weeks

Lasts from four to six months

Yellow to brown paste


Laborious application process

Easy application

Paint sealants are newer products and have been unable to match the shine provided by carnauba waxes. However, these products have evolved, and new formulations afford better shine that is almost as good as the natural wax.

Buying Car Cleaning Accessories on eBay

Car cleaning accessories on eBay is a vast category. The website offers products ranging from car shampoos, soaps, microfibre towels, and chamois leather cloth to sealants, waxes, polish, glass cleaners, car air fresheners,, and an array of other items. Thanks to the wide selection on eBay, car owners can expect to find everything they need to prepare a car maintenance kit for their personal use.

Comparing various brands is easier on eBay, as shoppers can find details about each product on the listing page, allowing them the freedom to select the products ideally suited to their needs. Many people wash and clean their cars often, and it therefore makes sense to purchase supplies in bulk, a task that can be easily done on eBay. Moreover, as shoppers can buy these items through multiple sellers, it translates into bigger savings. Several products on eBay qualify for free shipping as well, and as shoppers browse through the website from the comfort of their homes, they can notch up additional savings too. Payments on eBay are easy, and buyers can choose from several safe and secure payment options.


Car care products are a boon for car owners as they need not spend money at car wash centres if they have the time to clean their own cars. When they purchase the right products in the right combination, car owners are able to make their own car cleaning and maintenance kits. Various car soaps, shampoos, sprays, polishes, waxes, and sealants allow the car owner to undertake a thorough cleaning job both in the interior and the exterior of the car. Accessories such as brushes, microfibre towels, wipes, polishing machines, and applicators appropriate for various jobs have made it extremely easy for people to carry out routine cleaning themselves.

With a wealth of information available online about how to go about cleaning cars and the easy availability of many products on eBay, it is easy for car owners to purchase the required materials. Thanks to the extensive selection of cleaning products that eBay offers, customers can have the products for the periodic cleaning and maintenance of their cars delivered at the doorstep.

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