Car buying on ebay is a joke ---->330021930095

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I recently started bidding on a Peugeot 205 item no 330021930095. Upon checking the auction after it had finished I was astonished to find that all bids had been cancelled by reason that the item had 'sold elsewhere'. This was entirely false as the item had been bid on after the bids were cancelled and the winner got the item for far less than the previous top bid. It should also be noted that the seller had not stated they reserved the right to cancel based on the item being advertised elsewhere.

I would summise that this person had contacted the seller ID going_slow and offered them an outside deal which going_slow had accepted so therefore cancelled all bids allowing the winning bidder to come in as if the auction had just started and win with a lower bid.

If this is how easy it is to scam auctions when it doesent look like you'll get what you want for an item then I'm done with ebay.

Check the item number and then the 'bids' link and you will see what I mean.

Beware, don't expect any great deals on ebay with people like going_slow about as they can wriggle out of an auction if need be. My advice to sellers (going_slow especially) is IF YOU WANT A MINIMUM AMMOUNT OF MONEY FOR AN ITEM THEN USE A RESERVE!!

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