Car buying scam please beware of these wasters

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This is a night mare that nearly cost me a lot of money and my car.I had my car advertised on here and she did not make the reserve price,ok i thought i will sell her in the autotrader.I did a nice advert with good pictures of my Chrysler voyager and had a few phone calls along with a few e mails,of which i answered with my details.I got a call from a chap with a  eureopen voice,ha said he wanted my car and he would send me a check for the full amount with a bit extra for my trouble and that when the check cleared to call him and he would get somebody to collect the car.The cheque arrived,i put it into the bank and it cleared in five working days.Whilst the cheque was being cleared he called me to ask when he could collect the car,so i said when the cheque had cleared of which he was fine .He called sat morning  and i told him the cheque was all ok and he said somebody from a shipping company would be here to coll ect  the car on tuesday.On monday  afternon i went to the bank to draw some money out,only to be told that the cheque had bounced,so at which point i was not happy.On tuesday i got a call form the chap saying that the shipping company would be here to collect the car shortly,i said the cheque had bounced and the phone went dead,but i have never had any contact from these people since.The address details they give are in belfast,a international phone number, with a uk e mail address.I did a pople search and there was nobody of this name at this address.You dont know how many scammers there are about till you get close,just be carefull.
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