Car radio wiring

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If you have changed your car radio and it doesn't keep its memory when you turn off the car and you then have to re tune it every time and store all your favourite settings again and again this is how to fix it. most new radios now come ISO plugs which are the standard. each plug has spaces for 8 wires but may not always use all 8, the two 8 way plugs are sometime connected together to make one plug of 16 particularly in vauxhaul's. The small release tab on one end of these is in a different place so that you can not get the wrong 8 way plug into the wrong 8 way socket. one of these 8 way plugs is for connecting 4 speakers (for more info on this plug see my other guide) the second plug is the power plug. depending on the features of the radio will depend on how many of the 8 wires are used many radio's will work with only 3 wires. the earth/negative/ground is one of the corner pins. next to this also at the end of the plug will be one of the positives, the second positive will be on the same side of the plug as the earth but 2 pins away, if both of these positives are live then the radio will stay on all the time, one of them should ideally go off when the ignition is turned of (ignition live) and this is where the problems start the ignition live and permanently live are not always in the same place and are sometimes swapped over. so if your radio losses its memory then swap over the live and ignition live with each other (cut and rejoin them to each other) if the radio still doesn't work then you may have a faulty radio or faulty wiring, check ALL your car fuses. N.B. there are some variations to this wiring formate please always check before you connect if in doubt then get in a professional and dont blame my if you get it wrong, i have been fitting radios for a profession for over 10 years and i can not teach everything i know in one of these guides.
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