Caravan Cleaning - Clean your caravan or motor homes exterior

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Caravan Cleaning - Cleaning your caravan or motor homes exterior

A few weeks ago I brought the caravan out of storage as the sun is on its way. I quickly realised that I did not clean or prepare the caravan for storage, this coupled with the fact that I store my van on farm land increased the amount of algae and marks left on the caravans exterior.

In this article guide I will go through the way I cleaned this caravan with a new product that was recommended to me by a fellow caravan buddy. I held strong reserves to using something outside of my comfort zone as I am pretty set in my ways with all my caravan cleaning products (I’m sure I’m not the only one!). For this clean I used a product called Power Maxed Caravan Cleaner.

After arriving home caravan in tow I wasted no time in positioning the van on my drive in reach of the hose and drain as the sun was out. Looking around the caravan it did not seem to be as bad as I originally thought but there was some pretty set in stains, algae and marks the worst of which was the algae which somehow had set into the seals around the caravan and almost bed in to the sides of the rubber.

Of course this was bad news but as I’m sure as any fellow caravan enthusiast understands (or made the same mistake) avoid jet or pressure washers as the water can pass through any gaps, damage seals and will more than likely lead to damp and mould issues inside the caravan. If you were planning on using a pressure washer, don’t and if you must use the lowest pressure setting. So if a jet wash was the direction you were going in use a normal garden hose, hose fed brush, bucket and sponge or long reach brush that is hose fed, there are many more options such as a steam cleaner which works great on caravans, especially at shifting the algae and black marks.

I began with long reach gentle brush and a low pressure hose to gently rinse over the caravan. At this initial stage be as gentle as possible there may be small stones, hard grit or mud that can damage or scratch the caravan while brushing. Work your way from top to bottom with a step ladder if necessary, rinse or hose down the caravan first then work your way back round hosing and rubbing with the brush as you go. You may need to repeat this once or twice but try not to become stuck on stubborn marks as these can lead to abrasion and marking your vehicle where you are exerting too much force without any cleaning product, also creating more work that necessary at this point.

I then reached for this recommended caravan cleaner got the step ladder back out and worked my way round the caravan once more. As usual I started from the top and began spraying the Power Maxed solution onto the caravan, this was quite interesting already as normally I am shampooing the caravan and this Power Maxed caravan cleaner just requires spraying over the areas to be cleaned.

It’s worth noting that there is a concentrated solution of Power Maxed caravan wash and wax which needs to be diluted with a certain amount of water to get the best results. The amount of water needed is on the side of the bottle. The Power Maxed concentrate can either be added to water in a suitable bucket with warm water or added into a pressure washer – if you wish.

After the roof move onto the main body of the caravan, making sure not to miss all the small cracks and gaps across the caravan such as the windows. Once this has been done you can start spraying the solution onto the caravan, always try to work from the top of the caravan towards the bottom.

Once I finished spraying the Power Maxed cleaner all over I then left the cleaner to do its work, after five minutes I began again going over the caravan with the hose and long reach brush on a low pressure setting, the dirt simply fell off.

Fair to say I was surprised, the algae that would normally require a second going over washed straight off with some gentle brushing. My rubber seals around the windows and around the rear lights also just need some light brushing, other than that this cleaner worked brilliantly as a simple to use product I don’t think it could get much better. You can keep this a shortened guide just follow these steps (for using the Power Maxed caravan cleaner)
  • Prepare your cleaning equipment and find a suitable step ladder to clean the roof of your caravan or motor home
  • Rinse the caravan over with a low pressure washer and long reach brush for debris
  • Begin spraying the solution onto the caravan,  try to work from the top of the caravan down
  • Leave the solution on for the allotted time
  • Use your soft long reach brush and start rinsing with the soft long reach brush
  • After finishing the roof move onto the main body of the caravan, making sure not to miss the small gaps across the caravan or motorhome such as the windows
  • Once finished with a suitable cloth spray any missed areas, leave the solution to embed into those areas and with a suitable cloth wipe them down.
  • Dry the caravan or motorhome as you normally do (I use a lint free drying cloth)
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