Caravan/Motorhome Satellite systems

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Buyer beware Please read this before bidding


Just wanted to point out to all the honest ebayers out there that the all in one complete system from Silver Crest (in a grey case) are available to buy brand new from Lidl for £60.

Dont pay the £100 rip off price from some.

We have noticed many Lidl items for sale almost immediately on Ebay for grossly exaggerated prices, ie, Tripods (for holding dishes upright) camping mats, portaloo's etc.

Please check these things out first as I have done and been amazed. I've asked these sellers if their items are from Lidl and usually get no answer or they say "I don't know". Might I suggest if someone answers they don't know, then why dont they know. I certainly know where my items come from.......don't you.

As a footnote I would like to add that solar trickle panels to "keep your battery topped up" are put together for a few pounds and are next to useless, think how long and how bright cheap garden solar lights are.

There are bargains to be had but this is increasingly rare as dodgy sellers look for rip-offs everywhere.

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