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After recently buying a caravan and being ripped off in the process i thought i would write this review to help others.

When buying a caravan there is so much to check! Wether the electrics work, the gas, hot and cold water, dampness and loads more. This can make it hard and sometimes forces you to be to trusting. A caravan i recently brought was not how described at all. On the listing it sounded perfect, stating that everything worked and there was no damp. When we got there the caravan looked ok but when we went inside the cupboards where all dirty and marks from sellotape that had been ripped off where all over the place. They infomed us this was because the caravan had been used for there daughter to study and she had stuck her work on the walls and cupboards. Not really a problem but should defiently have been stated in the ebay auction. Other than that the caravan seemed ok we had a quick check for dampness and couldn't find any apart from a hole in the skylight. We asked about this to which the reply was "oh i didn't know there was a hole but i know it doesn't leak". We decided to buy the caravan anyway and arranged to pick it up a few days later.

My boyfriend picked it up and being the trusting person he is didn't check anything on there. When he got it home it was very late and raining heavily so we decided to wait till the morning to see it. Next day we went inside the caravan the floor was soaking wet! The skylight was still pouring in water. We went to sit down and noticed a spongy part in the floor. We wern't happy but excepted it was our fault for trusting people and not checking properly. Then while trying to find basic parts for the caravan we realised they had taken pretty much anything not nailed down. The leg winders, security device (which they had with the caravan and told us they wouldn't be getting another one), the gas bottle, battery, electic hook up lead and anything else you can think off they had taken. We went to a caravan shop to buy these things for the caravan and we got back attached the electrics to the house, suprise supirse the plug sockets (which we asked specifically if they worked) did not work at all!  What a waste of time! We havent even tried the hot running water because i think we guess the outcome.

Moral of story: Do not trust anyone! The people we brought this caravan off seemed nice people to begin with, very chatter and helpful. That is until we ask for help, not interested at all!

To add salt to the wound the caravan had fleas! And we have had to spray that and our house due to it. One of the worst buys on ebay so far.

When looking for damp on a caravan check next to the sink, the front under the windows and mainly the bathroom. The floor can sometimes be spongy near the door also if somebody has accidently left it open on a rainy day.

Dont be afraid to test anything on a caravan as it is to easy for the seller to tell you everything is perfect. I hope you don't get ripped off like me and enjoy the new caravan you buy.

Thankyou for reading my guide and please check out my others.


Chez x

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