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Why use Carbon Fibre?

Carbon Fibre (CF) is now well known by the motorsport world and even used by many reputable bicycle manufacturers and no longer is exclusive to the aviation industry.
The question we always being asked by our customers is why use CF when it isn't actually a cheap mod for our cars, motorcycles or bicycles?
CF is extremely strong if made correctly and carefully. It not only looks nice and fresh but also performs brilliantly compared to Metal and even fibre glass!
Because CF is made from a special material/Fibre which is basically a fabric made from many carbon threads and this fabric eventually is placed as layers over each other to the form and shape of the parts used, It's extremely durable and well worth the investment for both safety and style.
Do you want to start replacing your metal, plastic or fibre glass parts with carbon fibre? Then make sure you choose a part that's made and supplied by reputable manufacturers as not every CF part being sold in the market is what claims to be compared to the real CF!
There are few patterns of carbon fibre in the market but the most popular ones are:
a) Twill Weave b) Straight Weave c) V- Weave
NOTE: Please make sure you choose the right manufacturer for your CF parts. Not only the CF look is sufficient! A great CF part is treated carefully while being manufactured and represents both stylish look and durability and long life! So be aware of the cheap CF parts being sold in the market, if something is too good to be true then it surely is ...!
We hope this short and far from perfect guide has been useful to those of you who were looking for the basic information about carbon fibre. We have generated this guide in a very simple and friendly way to give you the simplest and most basic information about Carbon Fibre.
Thank you for taking your precious time to read this guide and sorry if it wasn't as well written and informative as you've expected :)
Best regards from DIZELL

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