Care Of Pearls

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Care Of PearlsTo keep pearls looking their very best you need just a little knowledge on how to care for them correctly.Pearls, including freshwater pearls are delicate organic gems that are made of the natural product called calcium carbonate.  This product is drawn from the lake or river by the mussel that the pearl lives in.Your freshwater pearls were once living and growing so you will need to make sure that as with all living things they stay out of harm.  The products that harm pearls most are the very things that the woman who loves pearls probably wears without a second thought.  You've guessed it already - the most harmful product to a pearl is the application of perfume, hair spray and cosmetics and face creams when the owner is wearing the pearls.These grooming products and other household chemicals if sprayed near pearls can build up on the pearl and damage the lustre.These grooming products and other household chemicals, if sprayed near pearls, can build up on the pearl and damage the lustre. The nacre can become marked, dull, pitted and generally lose that marvellous luminous lustre that defines a pearl. The most important way to prevent damage to your pearls is by following the golden rule of putting your pearls on as the last thing you do when finishing your grooming.  Put the pearls on after you have applied make up, perfume and hair sprays, never before.  Don't spray your perfume on the neck area where the pearls will actually sit and avoid touching your pearls when you have just applied hand cream. If you need to reapply hair spray at some time, slip the pearls off for a moment and put them well out of the damage zone.Likewise make pearls the first thing you remove after a night out, before you wipe your face and neck with cleansers or facial wipes, or night creams. As you remove your pearls wipe them with a soft damp cloth.  Buff them occasionally with a silk cloth to enhance their shine and lustre.  Try not to fling them in a jumble on the dressing table, but discipline yourself to put them back in their original container.

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