Care for Exotic Skins for Handbags and Accessories

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Care for Exotic Skins for Handbags and Accessories

Ostrich Skins

Ostrich skins require very little care or cleaning. If you need to clean the leather it is adviced to wipe with a dry, soft white cloth. It is not recommended that you use any chemicals or conditioners as this can damage the leather. If you get an oil stain on the leather it should be sprinkled with talcum power immediately, allow to dry then brush off excess when dry.

Protecting your ostrich leather from dust and cleaning up spots when they occur should keep your handbag looking good for its expected life. Simple steps to take care of your handbags are using the dust bag provided and keeping them away from light and heat while you are not using them. Ink will permanently mark the ostrich leather.

Snake Skin

Snake skin is very absorbent. Keep your snake skin leather handbags away from water and excessive moisture. This will cause it to dry out and crack. If it does get wet, act quickly to wipe it off with a clean, dry cotton cloth.

Don’t use soaps or detergents on your snake skin leather handbags. They cause drying and the overall deterioration of the leather.
ALWAYS wipe in the direction of the scales. NEVER wipe the leather against the grain. This will cause devastating damage to the membranes and irreversible scale lifting.

To get rid of dust wipe down with a slightly damn clean cloth then wipe again with a clean dry one.
Let the handbag dry naturally, do not use a hair dryer or in direct sunlight as this will cause fading as discoloration.
Snake skins require regular conditioning to keep them soft and healthy.
when not using your handbag it should be stored in a cool dry place as should be placed in the provided dust bag to prevent dust from settling on the surface.

Alligator and Crocodile Hide

Without proper care of this exotic leather, the flexibility, durability and overall appearance of alligator leather will diminish drastically. Under normal use and over time, some of the oils that tanners put into the leather will disappear. These oils and compounds must be replaced periodically, in order to maintain the beauty and longevity of your exotic leather product.

Household chemicals, alcohol or solvents should NEVER be used to clean exotic leather skins. these harsh products can damage the leather.

this type of leather should be cleaned monthly or bi-monthly with a clean damp cloth or with a cleaner specifically designed for these exotic skins. it is also important to condition the leather after cleaning as this will replace the lost moisture  and reseal the leather.

Bees wax is advised as a good natural conditioner, moisturizer and reseller. a light coating of extra fine beeswax gently rubbed into the leather and then lightly buffed off, this is all that is required to protect and preserve the leather.

Shark Leather

Shark skin is very tough, durable and lighter in weight than cow leather. It can be tanned and dyed in a variety of rich colors.
While shark skin is water resistant, it’s not waterproof and excess moisture will dry out the leather very quickly. It’s a highly absorbent skin and needs to be cared for and cleaned properly, otherwise it can deteriorate quickly.

Avoid having your leather bag in direct sunlight to too long as this will cause it to slowly fade and dry.

Blot any spills immediately as this can stain the leather

Use a soft slightly damp cloth to clean off any dust or dirt in the direction of the denticles.
for a more intense cleaning it is advised that you use saddle soap, however make sure to remove all the soap residue before it dries. to do this simply wipe away with a damp clean cloth. Then let it air dry naturally indoors.

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