Care of Fetish Latex Rubber Clothing by N2L8X

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I have been manufacturing latex rubber clothing for over 30 years

Care of Rubber Clothing and Gear

Latex rubber is a natural product, garments treated with care will have a long life and give you great pleasure.

Tight latex garments will go on much easier with a light dusting of talc inside or with a latex dressing aid such as Vividress. Use non perfumed talcs to avoid skin irritations.  If using talc use a warm damp cloth to wipe talc off before drying with a cloth and polishing with a small amount of silicon polish or lube on a sponge. Note silicon polish/lube may cause degradation of glued seams particularly if used copiously. Do Not leave garment wet with water or lube as this will weaken the seams. Care must be taken not to nick the rubber as a small nick or tear will cause the garment to rip. We can repair most small tears. Take care not to get cosmetics onto your garment as these may cause stains. On removal of garments hang up to dry on hangers before putting away in a dark place. Do not use metal hangers as they will stain the rubber. Some people use cornflower as an alternative to  talc,  we Do Not recommend this,  it's a food starch and goes off when exposed to  sweat !
The natural gloss on latex can be enhanced by light polishing with a clear silicone impregnated shoe shine pad and silicone lube. An alternative polish is Vivishine which is diluted with water and gives a great gloss shine. These polishes may however render the garment difficult to repair over time as the silicon leaches into the rubber over time and may impair adhesion of any repairs. Do not use silicone car sprays as they contain other ingredients that are corrosive  and may cause discolouration or worse.
Washing and Drying
Hand wash in warm clean water with a little shower gell. Wipe of excess water with a soft towel and hang to dry completely. before storing talc lightly. Do not tumble dry, iron, put near heaters, microwaves or radiators or naked flames, latex burns readily. Disinfecting and cleaning latex can be achieved with Viviclean a purpose made antibacterial cleanser for latex garments.
Store lightly talced in dark place in dry conditions. Avoid UV light, and extremes of cold or heat. Store garments flat or on plastic hangers. Some strong latex colours eg plum may bleed when in contact with light colours so avoid contact when storing.
Latex stains permanently when in contact with copper brass or bronze even indirectly from sweaty hands so avoid handling coins particularly when wearing light colours.
Latex and lube can be great fun but only use water based or silicone lubes sparingly. Oil or grease based lubes, Baby Oil and Baby Lotion will deform and rot latex and attack the garment glued seams.

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