Care tips for Latex items

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1) Latex is fragile. Make sure you use enough talcum powder or lubricant on the inside of the garment when putting it on and be gentle

2) Be very careful not to get your latex garment snagged on anything, such as fingernails or jewellery, since latex can tear easily when pulled too hard

3) Latex is a natural fabric that can be chemically affected by oils (excepted silicon, which is safe!), perfume, lotions. Do not use any of those before or while wearing latex.

4) When light coloured latex (white, pink, lime...) touches metal, a chemical reaction can occur, resulting in a permanent yellow stain. Do not handle coins, wear jewels (including piercings) when wearing your latex. Remember to wrap carefully in paper or tape any metal parts (buckles, eyelets) on your garment so it won't stain when stored.

5) To shine your latex, make sure to use only products designed for that purpose (silicon polish or water based “blue milk”)

6) To clean your latex, rinse it in and out under lukewarm water. Allow to dry on a wooden or plastic hanger, powder with talcum and store in a plastic bag. If you feel your latex needs a more thorough cleaning, use washing-up liquid to remove oils and stains. Be aware that your latex will stick to itself when all the powder and oil is removed, so handle with care. Hence I recommend the use of Vivishine in the rinse water to condition and polish your latex. Please note that certain latex will retain water when washed, and take a white appearance. This is temporary and will disappear once dry!

7) Latex finish can be affected by heat, humidity and light. Always store it in a cool and dry place, away from light. I also do not recommend wearing your latex garments under extreme temperatures for an extended period.

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