Caring For Your Rug...

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  • For normal Rug cleaning, I recommend a light vacuuming to remove surface dirt. If using an upright cleaner, then I recommend using the attachment instead of the brush as this could damage the pile of the rug.

Stains and spillages should first be blotted, not rubbed, and only cool water should be used. For more difficult stains a detergent or ammonia solution can be used, but I recommend taking advice before attempting to do this yourself.

  • As many of the dyes used are vegetable dyes, avoid placing the rug in direct sunlight, and turn the rug regularly.

Never lay a rug on a damp floor as the wet can cause the rug to rot, and if you need to store the rug, then always take care to pack it with a moth repellent.

  • With regard to cleaning sheepskin rugs, I recommend a gentle hand wash in warm water using non-biological powder. Always rinse well and squeeze out excess water before pulling the sheepskin back into shape and allowing to dry.

Rug Hug specialist underlay can be purchased to prevent rugs from slipping or transferring any vegetable dye from handmade rugs.

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