Caring for pastel portraits

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Pastel painting aftercare

When cared for properly, a pastel painting will last longer than a lifetime. A stick of pastel contains very few additives meaning it is mainly pure colour which will not deteriorate. The original cave paintings from many centuries ago were created with chalk pastel and many are still intact.
Pastel paintings should be framed with a mount and under glass. The thickness of the mount will create a gap between the glass and the pastel surface so once inside the frame nothing will ever touch the pastel again leaving it to remain in pristine condition.
When handling your pastel painting, if it is unmounted there will be a handling margin around the edge, just ensure this is how you carry and move it about. I do not use fixative on my pastel artwork so they can easily smudge so just be careful. If the painting has been mounted and provided you have clean hands you can handle it by the mount.
I create my artwork to fit into standard off the shelf frames giving you the choice of buying a standard inexpensive frame or a more unique bespoke one.
Once your painting has been framed, use a feather duster on the glass, never spray polish directly onto the glass just incase it seeps through onto the pastel as this will damage the artwork.
When hanging your artwork you should avoid hanging it in direct sunlight, above heat or where it can be knocked off the wall.
Above all else I hope you love your pastel painting as much as I loved creating it. I'm so happy when someone appreciates my artistic creations and buys them to hang in their own home or to give as a gift. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.
Art by Karie-Ann
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