Caring for your Bali silver jewellery and beads

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For Bali silver the Indonesian silversmiths sometimes use granulation which means they add tiny dots, lines or scrolls to the jewellery. Each piece of jewelley or hancrafted silver bead is a tiny work of art. The silver behind the decoration will naturally darken and oxidize which is desirable and will look fantastic against the bright silver granulation. We find the best way to clean Bali silver is with special anti tarnish buffing cloths. These cloths are impregnated with cleaner and anti tarnish properties and are excellent for bringing silver to a perfect shine. We do not recommend silver dips or liquid cleaners as this will strip away the oxidation. Bali silver jewellery also incorporates natural shells, mother of pearl and ebony wood which can be easily damaged by these harsh chemicals.

Another tip is to keep your individual pieces in little air tight zip lock bags. Keeping your precious Bali silver jewellery in air tight bags will greatly reduce the incidence of tarnishing. Your jewellery will also be protected from scratches and scuffing.

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