Carlton Ware Fakes

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Contrary to popular belief its not just Guinness items that are being faked. There are numerous items, such as SS RNLI,or SS PACIFIC, Or ROSEMARY ship (actually a model of the QE2) Hitler figure, WWI Tanks (in a drab green or brown glaze), Cannons, which were never made by the factory. The list is endless. The most recent items (May '08) are a peg-leg egg-cup and  licorice allsorts mugs and containers. Don't be fooled. 

Below is a picture of the mark used most commonly by the forgers. It is factually incorrect as the crown mark was discontinued in the 1920's and Carlton Ware did not become a limited company until much later. Avoid anything with this mark

The Carlton Ware Collectors club, Carlton Ware World is working hard to compile a comprehensive list, with pictures, on our web site. This list includes items that were made, that have been faked, and items which were never made by Carlton Ware.  If in doubt check it out at and maybe come and join the club, full details on the site.

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