Carp Fishing Lead Buying Guide

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Carp Fishing Lead Buying Guide

Carp fishing is an addictive sport enjoyed by people across the world. Carp fishing has recently become very popular in England and mainland Europe thanks to its challenging nature. Leisure fishermen are known to get competitive over the quality of fishing gear that they use, as there is a lot of high tech fishing equipment on offer on eBay. Most experts will advise buyers to keep it simple to keep up confidence. Once a buyer has thoroughly understood the basics of this sport and developed their own style of fishing, they will be all the more comfortable with customising their rig. Combine this with the right set of leads and chances are of catching carp heighten dramatically.

What Season is Best for Carp Fishing?

Carp fishing lakes are open to visitors across the UK. The sport is popular in the summer months thanks to enticing weather conditions, but the fish are known to bite more regularly as the weather gets colder. This is because fish react to changing temperatures in the water and Britain’s patchy weather causes unevenly heated ponds and rivers. As a result, fish are also known to be more active in summer months, as they enjoy the sunshine and tend to come closer to the surface. Autumn is considered to be the best time for carp fishing as it is possible to land bigger catches, as the fish will have engorged on the abundance of food in the earlier summer months. Winter is tougher, but looking for areas where the sun hits the water should help.

Carp Fishing Setup

To go fishing for carp, the fisherman will need a fair amount of equipment beside the leads. Once they have been a few times they will begin to understand the processes a lot better, as it is complicated and can take some time to learn. Fishing lakes normally have a community atmosphere, so if any help is needed someone will be available to offer advice. Anglers should remember to come with their own spare tackle, weather appropriate clothes, enough food and a good tent, also available on eBay, as there will be a limit to what fellow fishermen are prepared to lend or share.

Fishing Equipment Checklist

Carp make a satisfying catch because they are weighty and muscular fish, so the angler should try to avoid low quality gear if possible. Aside from the usual camping gear and leads, here is the essential carp fishing setup:

  • A 12ft rod
  • Baitrunner reels
  • Bite alarm
  • Banksticks
  • Line and carp rigs – some are available ready made on eBay.
  • Attaining nets and unhooking pads
  • Bait

Types of Carp Fishing Leads

Leads are the part of the rig that keeps the bait at the bottom of the water and helps to direct the line when casting off. They are available to buy from eBay in many different materials, shapes, colours and weights, as conditions can vary. Leads should be camouflaged according to the surface of the bed to avoid detection.

A Key to Basic Carp Leads

Grippa leads are designed to grip to the bottom of fast flowing riverbeds, which is where the buyer will find a lot of European carp dwelling. The extra grip is achieved with ridging and a hole in the middle of its pear shape so that it can purchase extra hold on the ground.

The Flat Pear lead style is intended for hard bottoms, as its short and condensed shape makes it perfect for bolt rigs. The Square Pear design works along very similar lines, but is also suitable for gravel bottoms. A Pear lead is simply a rounded pear shape that is designed to be more aerodynamic and therefore can be cast further and in cross-winds.

Distance leads are longer in shape with a heavier nose so that they push the line further forward even in windy conditions. Finally, the tournament lead is another distance-focused lead that is a slightly thicker version of the distance lead, so that it is easy to pull out of silt. The Riser Tri-Lobe lead is a similar shape, but flat to avoid snags and rise when reeling it in.

When considering the different leads available it is important to run through what you'll be using them for so that you can be sure of having the right lead for job.

When to use Back Leads in Carp Fishing

Back leads are designed to weigh down the angler’s line should it be interfering with the catch. The buyer may want to consider purchasing this type of lead for a number of different reasons. First of all, they are a good way to avoid spooking fish with the line if fishing in a weed-free area. Secondly, they can stop the line from coming into contact with floating debris and waterfowl. Finally, anything else that may cross the path of the line threatens to betray its whereabouts and move it from where you have placed it. So, although they are not a necessity, if an angler is fishing in shallow or particularly busy water, then it is definitely worth thinking about giving back leads a try.

The Types of Carp Fishing Back Leads

Normal back leads are dome shaped and are attached to the line once the angler has cast out and can then slide it down into the area that they wish to place it. Captive back leads are pear shaped and detachable. These are pulled back from the water by their own separate cord. Finally, flying back leads are placed above the tubing and onto the line, where they can slide back up and should land a few feet back from the main lead. Here is a quick outline of what the different back leads, their shapes and what they are used for:

Top 5 Tips for Buying from eBay

Finally, before buying carp fishing leads of any variety from eBay there are a few small final points to be aware of.

  1. Three of the top brand names in the industry are Fox International, carp specialists Nash Tackle and Gardener Fishing Tackle Associates. Fox are a 40-year-old English-born company that is now the leading and largest private manufacturers of fishing tackle in Europe. Nash are also market leaders, but focus more on cutting edge design. Finally, Gardener are a family-run business that specialists in niche market products.
  2. Leads are available coated in various substances for better camouflage. Plastic, gravel, and organic matter are popular alternatives, as well as leads that are designed to look like weeds. Most beginners will opt for a standard set, but more specific customisation requirements will come with experience. But remember that new fishing products come onto the market all of the time, so don’t hasten to buy something just because it is new. eBay offers the newest and the older editions of various fishing equipment.
  3. An angler can get leads and back leads in more shapes and sizes than those listed in this article and it is largely down to personal preference and the environment of fishing. The items that discussed here are the standard sets that are available from major suppliers, have been tested, and proved to work well. If you have any questions about a specific item then ask the seller, as often they will be a fishing enthusiast and will be able to provide a large body of information ensuring that you make the right purchase for your fishing equipment.
  4. Advanced fishermen will sometimes make their own leads. This is a dangerous and expensive process that takes time and skill to learn, alongside advanced equipment and appropriate health and safety measures. We do not recommend attempting this, as leads are a product that is inexpensive and can be meticulously produced at a low cost by specialists and bought on eBay.
  5. When buying leads from eBay it will be more cost effective to buy a large variety of leads in a bundle. This way the angler will have a selection to choose from and only have to pay once for delivery.


Carp fishing is a fun sport that is known for its addictive nature. Carp are surprisingly clever fish; they are big and they are also muscular, so catching one can be quite a thrill. Although it’s easy to go overboard on equipment to attract a catch, it is generally thought that confidence wins the most catches. So, whether are a beginner, try to keep it simple at first and as it is possible to gain confidence and experience then consider what extra accessories are available. It’s really worth getting to know the items before buying more advanced versions, as that way one can understand what value good quality brings to a fishing set up. Ask those with more experience for recommendations as it is important to know which lead to use for specific environments. All the equipment you need can be found on eBay, along with any additional accessories that you require.

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