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Essential Carpentry Hand Tools
Carpentry is a classic age old skill that requires working with wood in the workshop, for home improvements and on the construction site. Carpenters produce a variety of wooden structures and fittings from rough temporary frame work to detailed finishing woodwork.
In the building industry the tasks first undertaken by the carpenter are usually preparing wooden components and fixtures (or alternatively uses products produced off-site by bench joiners or wood machinists) then skilfully assembles and fits them. Tasks can include working with rafters, stud partitioning, floor and skirting boards, door frames and window frames to more complex fitting-out tasks such as hanging doors, fitting kitchens, fixing shelves and constructing cupboards.
With such a wide range of tasks, some carpenters choose to specialise in a certain area of woodwork whilst other Carpenters will take on a broad range of tasks.
Whatever type of Carpenter you are whether a jobbing "chippie", rough carpenter and roofer, a first fix or second fix site worker, a workshop based joiner or even  a committed DIY enthusiast the variety of job content and differing priorities creates the need for a specific mix of quality hand tools.
Essential Carpentry Hand Tools
There are many different specialisms in carpentry, joinery and woodworking tasks making it difficult to provide a "one solution fits all" list of basic hand tools.  Depending on your speciality will depend on what hand tools you require, but essential hand tools for Carpenters and Craftsmen include measuring tools which are a must for an accurate professional job. 
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Tape Measures
The first essential measuring hand tool on the list is a tape measure reel. The most popular and useful sizes are either a 5, 8 or 10 metre locking tape with a quick blade recoil and a tough casing that is durable enough to resist continuous use.
Stanley has a large range of tape measures ranging from a compact, ergonomic bi-material design that is comfortable to hold and easy to use to a sturdier Stanley Fatmax Xtreme tape measure with a cushion grip that provides a slip resistant hold. This measuring tape has a huge standout of almost 4 metres for easy one person measuring and an unbeatable, reliable power return and blade locking system.
Fisco is another quality brand choice and their Big T Tape Measure has been the result of extensive research conducted with builders, carpenters and other trade professionals to develop the next generation of measuring tapes. The quadruple riveted clear-view end hook allows the scale to be read right up to the tip and has both a metric and imperial blade scale. The built-in cursor on the case shows the precise reading against the scale and the tough plastic case has rubber protection at all the potential impact points with a handy internal shock absorber. The snap-in quick-release belt holster provides a convenient way to securely store the tape when not in use.
Squares & Layout Tools
Speed Squares
Speed squares are ideal measuring tools for all projects and carpentry work. This handy “five tools in one” speed square can be used as a tri square, mitre square, protractor, line scriber and saw guide all rolled into one. Swanson’s 7" Imperial or 12” Imperial Speed Squares with Instruction Booklets are made from heavy-gauge aluminium for maximum durability; they have black graduations for easier reading and a matt finish which prevents glare. The Swanson Speed Squares have 1/4" spaced notches to help with scribing lines and also includes a Diamond cut out feature which makes layout work and seat cuts on common rafters much easier. Full instructions are given in the Blue Book included which contains all the formulas and instructions that are needed for the most commonly used roof and stairway constructions.
Combination Squares
Combination Squares are a great hand tool for measuring and marking out and have a die cast body and stainless steel blades. The sliding combination square blade has easy to read black graduations and come with both metric and imperial measurements. Combination squares have a built in bubble which is useful for more accurate marking.
Try Squares
Try Squares are intended for marking and measuring wood, they can be used to measure the accuracy of a right angle at 90 degrees and also to try a surface in order to check for straightness. The Swanson Savage Try Square has an anodized aerospace aluminium frame and a rubber coated handle insert which provides a comfortable grip. The blade is made from stainless steel to resist rust and the etched scale has imperial graduations in inches. A blade scribe bar, similar to those found on Swanson Speed Squares, has scribe lines every 1/8" between the 1" and 6" marks for scribing rip cuts. 
Spirit Levels
Spirit levels are another must have hand tool for Carpenters and Craftsmen for accuracy of workmanship. Stabila are renowned for its large choice of quality spirit levels. With its lightweight metal frame the Stabila 24” Spirit Level 70-2 would be a good starter level and is ideal for household & DIY use and is also suitable for light duty professional use such as carpentry and shopfitting. This level has twin vertical vials for accurate measuring, and also has a single horizontal vial. The horizontal vial has a viewing angle of up to 300 degrees and the level can also be used for overhead measurements by turning the level upside down.
For a compact, easy to carry level the torpedo style Stabila 70TMW Spirit Level has a total of three vials; one fixed vertical and one fixed horizontal as well as an angle vial that can be rotated plus 90 degrees or minus 90 degrees from its standard horizontal position. It is made from lightweight aluminium and has a magnetic strip along the bottom side allowing hands free operation when used on metal structures. The horizontal vial has a viewing angle of 300 degrees that also allows the level to be used for overhead measurements when the level is turned upside down.
Spear & Jackson's Predator Saws are renowned for their accuracy and hard wearing properties. They have been independently tested by The Cutlery & Allied Trades Research Association (CATRA). From the choice of blades which were submitted for testing by leading manufacturers, CATRA findings show that the Predator saws cut faster, more accurately and also lasted longer than other saws in its class. The Duralife technology resulted in the saw blade lasting 20% longer than other leading brands, while the cross ground hardpoint teeth that cut on both the pull and push stroke ensured that the Predator also gave the fastest cut.
For wood cutting Spear & Jackson’s Predator 6tpi First Fix Hard point Saw - 22" is a great choice. This is a fast cutting hardpoint wood saw which is perfect for aggressive use both along and across the grain. The predator saw has been designed for first fix applications and uses include cutting wet or dry rough sawn timber, shuttering, roof trusses, stud walls, joists and window boards. 
For greater rigidity the Spear and Jackson Predator hard point saw has a thicker 0.91mm blade which helps to minimise whip and vibration. This is a fast cutting blade with cross ground hardpoint teeth that cut the wood on both the pull and push stroke. The Predator handle has a soft rubber grip plus a finger guide to give you greater control over the saw for accurate cutting.
Spear & Jackson’s Predator 7tpi Universal Hardpoint Saw - 22" is a general purpose saw which is ideal for use on timber, hardboard, chipboard and MDF. The saw has a thick 0.91mm blade, and this helps to minimise whip and vibration. The Spear and Jackson Predator universal handle has a soft, ergonomic rubber grip and also a finger guide to give you greater control over the saw for accurate cutting.
Wood Chisel
The wood chisel is an essential carpenter's tool.  It pays to have between four and six wood chisels in your kit that are readily available for making joints and jointing. An assortment of sizes between ¼" - 1 1/4" (6mm - 32mm) in bevel edge format are invaluable. You may also want them to either have no-split unbreakable handles or a steel cap so that a hammer can be used in addition to a mallet. Bahco, Stanley, Draper and Irwin brands all have good quality chisel sets with varying sizes of chisels and come with handy plastic or wooden cases for easy storage and protection.
Block Planes
Tool venture’s has a range of planes from top brand Stanley for stock removal and smoothing. The Stanley range includes a conventional 50mm bladed smoothing plane, the Bailey No.4, the modern classic “Surform” block planer plus traditional block planes for shaving off small amounts of stock and for tidying up edges.
High quality hammers are a must for all Carpenters and craftsmen and tool venture have a huge range from Estwing, Stanley, Vaughan and Spear and Jackson to choose from. Nail and framing hammers are ideal for use when driving and removing nails. We also have a large choice of club hammers, brick hammers, claw hammers, sledge hammers and axes. The Toolventure quality selection of hammers comprises of the best performing, solid steel, one-piece forged shaft and head products from leading manufacturers, Estwing, Stanley, Spear and Jackson and Vaughan
Hammers are available in either the straight claw format preferred by framers and structural woodworkers or the curved claw style hammer often chosen by finishers and joiners. Tool venture have a broad range of weights between 16oz to 30oz (450g to 845g) to choose from. Hammer handle options differ from the traditional leather to ergonomically designed anti-slip safety vinyl such as Estwing’s patented shock reduction grips which are permanently moulded and bonded to the shaft.
Slotted & Pozidrive Screwdrivers
Screwdrivers are the other main implements used in assembly and fixing. Tool venture’s range of good-quality screwdrivers are an absolute essential for Carpenters and Craftsmen. Boxed sets are a useful addition and contain a selection of screwdrivers which include flat-head, Phillips and Pozidrive heads in a variety of different sizes. Alternatively a compact all-purpose screwdriver which has a hollow handle for storing the interchangeable driver bits is a good space saving option.  High quality, recommended screwdriver brands include Wera, Stanley and Wiha.
Diamond Sharpening Stones
Chisels and planes can be kept in tip top condition by sharpening regularly using a diamond sharpening stone. The medium grit will sharpen quickly and take out any small nicks in your tools while the fine finish will give a razor sharp finish.  Eze-lap diamond stones are the obvious choice of sharpening tools due to their high quality reputation. No lubricant is necessary for the Eze-lap diamond stones making sharpening effortless and effective wherever you are.
Worktop Jig
Fitting worktops requires a specialist jig such as the Astra Cutting Edge 900mm Worktop Jig. This has been specially designed for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom fitters. The worktop jig is made from laboratory grade high-pressure laminate which helps to make easy and accurate cutting of worktop joints. The surface covering is anti-friction which allows the router to glide smoothly across the jig and has etched instructions on both sides plus a full instruction leaflet for ease of use. 
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