Carriage Clocks Sales

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As a buyer of integrity on Ebay for three years, I have been oncerned at the poo and incorrect decsription of many carriarge clocks and tha failure of sellers to identify faults.  This then requires either negotiation on  reduced price adter a successful bid, or the return of the item, costing the buyer up to £35 UK pounds postage to return the clock for an issue that the buyer had no knowlege or control over and is left out of pocket. return postage has cost me a great deal of money over three years and clearlt, the seller should be responsibile for retun postage where an itemn is signifidcantly not as described. Ebay needs to get to grips with this issue urgently. You alsonexperience bullying or agrressive tatis used by sellers in such issues and thius should be firmly moitored by Ebay.  Ebay's sloagn that it is 'safe to use Ebay; is simply not the case.
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