Cars listed as spares repair - With Private Numbers!

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Right, something has come to my attention lately and I know most people have the knowledge, but some don't.

When buying a car for spares/repairs, some sellers will say "Buy now, comes with a private number plate worth 100's of ££££"...

Don't be fooled too easily... The super duper number plate can ONLY be transferred if the car has a valid MOT. Most cars advertised as Spares or Repair are done so because they have no MOT or Tax.

I got caught out, ended up spending more than the number plate was worth whilst trying to get it transferred and hope that other people wont do the same thing.

Remember, if the car has an MOT but only for a week or less, you might bid whilst the MOT is valid, but it may well have expired by the auction end.

Hope you all have a happy bidding!!!
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