Case of Wrongful Returns

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I am writing this as I have had a terrible time with ebay in regards to an item that sold in an auction.

Having provided a detailed description of the drum kit I was selling I sold this to someone who having received it emailed me to say it wasnt what they expected.

This then turned into it wasnt working properly and again I explained that this was a proper drum kit that needed tuning.

Anyway to cut a long story short it was opened up as a 'case' and ebay then decided against me saying that the buyer said it was broken. It wasnt broken when I packed it and the only reason they now want to return it is because they dont want it.

When on the phone to Ebay the representative said that they found the case in favour of the buyer because it was broken. I have never had an email fom the buyer saying its broken and beleive that ebay have lied to make the case an open and shut one to make things easier for themselves I do not have any comeback on Ebay and the services and attitude of the 'helpdesk' was verging on arrogant.

The item was as mentioned and as its an auction why should i refund the money when someone has not done their research on what they were buying. Ebay really have lost all their creditability with me on this and I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problems




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