Cases for the Nokia N95

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Before I had even taken delivery of my Nokia N95 I have searched ebay for a way of protecting my precious new mega-gadget. In the past I have always used quality Krusell leather cases with my phones and had never been disappointed. I found that they offered good all-round protection without compromising the functionality of the phone. However, when I tried to team up my new phone with its Krusell overcoat I discovered that something wasn't quite right. There is a small pocket that should retain the phone when the front cover is open but I found it almost impossible to fit the phone in to it. Once I had managed to prise the N95 in behind the clear pocket I discovered that the phone would not slide shut again as the clear pocket got in the way. Also, the pocket was so tight that it permanently depressed the camera button..!!! I even considered removing part of the out case of the phone to allow more room but that was clearly going to end in tears. Even after visiting the Krusell website I was none the wiser as to how this case was supposed to fit my phone.

Luckily I had also ordered a crystal case for the N95 and thought that this would be my saviour. The clear plastic casing, apparently "made from the same tough polycarbonate material used in safety eyewear" clipped neatly over the phone and although adding to the bulk ever so slightly I felt that it was a small price to pay for such hardy protection. It was only a couple of days later when the phone managed to escape from my grasp and fell a few feet onto the soft carpeted floor in the office. Unconcerned I picked the phone up expecting all to be intact, especially after so minor a bruising. However, I immediately noticed that two of the corners of the front face of the crystal case had cracked, one all the way across, and by the end of the day a whole piece had broken off. I made a temporary repair with superglue and immediately ordered a different make of crystal case from a different ebay supplier.

A few days later the new crystal case arrived. The design was slightly different to the first one and I hoped that this was a sign that this case would do a better job. Again though, my hopes were to be dashed. The rear portion of this new case would not physically reach around the phone far enough for the small clips to grab both sides at once. Despite much manipulation it simply would not snap into place. That said the rear part of the previous case was still undamaged so I clicked that back in place. The new front was a different story. It clipped into place very easily, in fact, a little too easily. The clips that hold it in place were situated on the shorter edges unlike the previous front which had several along the edge. This results in the front coming off as and when it pleases. Also, after around four days use, the new front is starting to crack despite careful handling and no impact damage. I have since used a third crystal case front and that too only lasted around a week despite never being dropped and spending very little time in my pocket.

Needless to say, I am still looking for a satisfactory way of protecting my N95 as none of the cases I have tried have fulfilled even my most limited expectations. It would seem that the crystal cases I've found on ebay are cheap for a reason and their promised durability has failed to materialise. Early indications from scouring the various N95 forums don't look promising, with N95 users buying crystal cases from a range of sources at prices up to £10. Almost all are complaining of the cases cracking far to easily despite "quality guarantees". I myself have tried a more expensive version from a reputable website only to be disappointed yet again.

In summary, I really can't recommend any of the cases I've found on ebay and even the ones I haven't tried, I suspect are just the same in terms of quality. From further investigation across the internet it may even be that there is no durable crystal case available for the N95..?

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