Cashmere Golf Jumper Buying Guide

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Cashmere Golf Jumper Buying Guide

Cashmere golf jumpers are investment pieces that can be worn on all occasions and if chosen correctly, will last a lifetime. Cashmere is luxurious, lightweight wool made from delicate fibers of a goat’s coat. It is the norm that each fiber should be at least 1.25 inches long.

When choosing golf clothing, practicality is the most important factor. Most golf clubs enforce a dress code on their players and are very strict about what they will allow their members to wear on their premises. Before buying any quality cashmere golfing jumpers, it’s sensible to check with the particular club’s dress code.

As with all sportswear, golf jumpers need to be warm, nonrestrictive, comfortable and stylish. A v-neck is the standard option for golfers, as it allows them to leave their shirt collar hanging open, causing less restriction to their swing.

Looking good in their sportswear does a lot to help a golfer’s confidence, which has a huge impact on the quality of their game. Non-golfers who want to achieve the classic golfing look still want the high-quality product and need to be aware of what specific design features to look for before buying a cashmere golf jumper via eBay.

Different Types of Golf Jumper

Cashmere sweaters come in many varieties with a few varying factors and components listed below and all available to search and buy on eBay:

  • Wool blend
  • Pattern
  • Sleeve length
  • Cuff style
  • Ribbed
  • Plain

The most important point is that if the buyer wants a jumper that will last from one tournament to the next then they need to choose a product of the highest quality. But the buyer can attain this without spending a fortune if they know what to look for on eBay.

Finding great value for money depends on the supplier. Look for a seller who has continually performed well and if in doubt, conduct a quick internet search to get an idea of the supplier’s reputation.

Brand new, top quality products are available on eBay but can cost a little more. Buying a well-made cashmere jumper second hand isn’t going to mean compromising on quality and there are hundred to choose from on eBay.  A good grade of wool should mean the garment maintains its eminence with every wash and every owner. Try searching for top quality brands on eBay such as J.Crew, Brora, Uniqlo and Peter Hahm.

Cashmere Golf Jumper Styles

For men and women, the pattern on a cashmere jumper can determine what occasion it is suitable for. There are many traditional patterns and more fashionable logos to choose from, but plain and personalised jumpers are ideal for golfing. Regardless of the pattern, cashmere jumpers are a wardrobe staple that can be enjoyed on or off the golf course.

Branded Golf Jumpers

Formal golf clubs will require members to team their sweater with a golf shirt. Many clubs will not approve of clothing items that display non-golf related logos.  It is important to get the look right to stay on good terms with the club’s staff and other players. A huge range of designer brands, such as Wyatt or Ralph Lauren, create cashmere products that can be worn for both sport and leisure and are often donned by celebrities. The same products can be found, without the expensive price tag, online at eBay.

Argyle Jumpers

Argyle is the pattern of choice for golfers as its smart diamond pattern has become synonymous with golfing greens. The origin of this style is in Scotland, where it is traditionally worn on everything from socks to kilts. Typically, argyle knits display layers of overlapping diagonal lines and diamond shapes in various angles and colours. The huge variety of patterns means shoppers can find the most refined or showy jumpers to suit their taste.  

Plain Cashmere Jumpers

Argyle and designer brands are certainly not for everyone and although these styles crowd the market, golfers especially should look for a plain design. A block colour on a jumper works particularly well when a golfer is planning on wearing other layers of patterned clothing. Plain coloured clothing forms a great wardrobe staple. A timeless classic, the cashmere jumper is wearable on any occasion and as a result, eBay buyers can justify spending extra money on.

Caring For a Cashmere Jumper



Wash it cold

When washing a cashmere jumper always use cold water to stop the fabric shrinking. A lot of cashmere products instruct owners to ‘dry clean only’, but some people believe that hand washing a cashmere garment will make it softer over time.

Dry it flat

Dry any cashmere product flat. Never hang it on the line as this may pull the garment out of shape and leave permanent peg marks on the shoulders.

Be careful with the iron

Do not iron a cashmere garment directly as this can damage the product. Cover with a cloth and set on a low temperature if the item needs ironing.

Do not hang it

Cashmere jumpers should be folded and stored, not hung on coat hangers. The fabric is susceptible to shape-changing and stretching if it is not folded and stored flat.

Wrap it up

Cashmere jumpers can last a lifetime, but keep them stored in a sealed plastic bag in the wardrobe to prevent moths from destroying the garment well before its time.

Ladies’ Golf Jumpers

Golf clubs like all of their members to wear smart sports apparel, so a woman’s cashmere golf sweater should follow roughly the same guidelines as a man’s. There is a wider variety of designer, high street and plain styles on offer for ladies. As with most womens' clothing, styles tend to be made tighter fitting. For golf, players need to have a full range of movement and a looser fitting jumper will ensure the player gets this.

Buying A Cashmere Golf Jumper

Cashmere is a rich fabric that is soft to touch and holds a subtle sheen. It keeps its colour superbly well, retains heat without being cumbersome and should endure a lot of wear. To avoid this, when looking to purchase an item the buyer should  make sure that the manufacturer’s label is in full view and that the buyer can read what percentage of cashmere is put into the fabric.

Also, remember that real cashmere is only made in China, Italy and Scotland, so look for products from these countries when searching on eBay. If possible, find out whether the textiles have been sourced ethically. Some companies also go out of their way to make sure that this is the case, but others are less transparent in their methods.

Blends of cashmere with other fabrics can be equally as comfortable and are often used by high fashion designers internationally. But a 100% cashmere jumper is an incomparable luxury and has a unique feeling of quality to it.

Choosing 100 Percent Cashmere Products

Although cashmere is becoming more expensive, it is an enduring and popular choice. In more expensive products, look for two ply wool to ensure that it is appropriately thick. As a general rule, top quality, and therefore the most expensive cashmere products tend to come from Italy, where there is an uncompromising focus on excellence.

The best value cashmere generally comes from Scotland, where manufacturers have a long held reputation for artfully milling cashmere to a consistently high standard. Mass scale production in China, however, has made cashmere a more affordable luxury and means that some 100 percent cashmere products are now available for budget-conscious prices. But, as the worlds’ leading producers of cashmere, all three countries are highly skilled producers that offer top-quality products.

Blends of Cashmere

A label that reads 100 percent cashmere does not guarantee use of the best materials possible. The wool itself is taken from the undercoat of goats, which grow around 50g of the product every year, and consequentially it is very expensive to produce. So, it is sometimes mixed in with wool or other products to save on costs. This should not deter buyers as blending fabrics is common practice among popular brands. This approach creates a unique look and feel and does not automatically mean the cashmere has been meshed with lower-grade fabrics.

The best way to tell the quality of a fabric is to look at the item’s close-up pictures. The fineness of the blended knit determines its quality. If the buyer is still unsure, ask or check what the seller’s refund policy is and if the buyer is unhappy with their item when it arrives at the door they will be able to return it.

How to Buy a Cashmere Golf Sweater on eBay

eBay is a one-stop shop for cashmere golf jumpers. There are lots of different styles, colours, makes and brands of cashmere golf jumper available to buy new or used. eBay makes it simple to search for the ideal cashmere golf jumper by a number of criteria including:

  • Good feedback and a high volume of sales from the eBay seller.
  • The jumper’s wool is from China, Italy, or Scotland.
  • The eBay supplier is reputable and well-established.
  • Upon closer inspection the fabric appears soft and robust.
  • The style of jumper fits in with the golfer’s club’s dress code.
  • The fabric fits loosely, is two-ply and a V-neck.
  • The wool is ethically sourced.
  • If in doubt, ask the seller or the manufacturer.


Once the buyer has purchased a cashmere sweater, if well cared for, the buyer can expect to receive a beautiful garment that will last for years. Cashmere is a highly sought after and luxurious fabric that can be worn on any occasion. Perfect for golfing, cashmere is a fabric that breathes and is flexible enough to allow a full range of movement when swinging a club. The huge variety of styles and designs on offer means every person can find a product that they like on eBay.

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