Casio DZ1

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Very rare drum controller which turns Piezo-electric style signals (analogue) into MIDI data signals (digital) for controlling drum synthesizers. [Like the Simmons TM1]
[Note that the  DP1 pads can be converted for this purpose.]
The DZ has a compromised design falling somewhere between the  RZ1 and  SZ1,it runs off either a power adaptor or batteries at 9v.

The rear panel has 8jacks for drums,plus another for switching between drum 8/9 and 4 jacks for the 4 systems of drums that can be stored.There are two MIDI out sockets and a total sensitivity preset.

The front panel has 8 sliders for individual sensitivity and 8 switches to trigger the drums so you can test the system without any drums attached.
The EDIT button accesses what data each trigger sends out - and you can send on any MIDI channel any program and any note for every drum - and then store 4 configurations. So if you wish to play Marimbas and Xylophones like Neil Peart on your latest MIDI system then this will do it.
There is no tape backup or SYSx dump facility so storing data is a problem,though it seems to hold the data after power off.
Good points: This is a fairly nifty unit and could be used by an acoustic drummer to enhance a conventional drum kit.Easy to program and well designed.
Niggles: Not being able to store data is a bit bonkers.
Expect to pay: I have only seen this TWICE on ebay and I was lucky to get one - the rarity suggests that prices might be in the £50 region
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