Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture Features and Benefits

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Aluminum is an ideal material for outdoor furniture.

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture
It is strong, non-rusting, and retains its good looks through blistering summer suns, drenching thunderstorms, and vigorously romping children. Quality aluminum furniture is durable and can last for a decade or more. It is lightweight, making it easy to move, and requires minimal maintenance.


Doesn't rust, relatively lightweight (cast and wrought aluminum are solid and weigh more), durable, minimum maintenance. There are three basic categories of aluminum furniture - tubular, cast, and wrought. With stunning styles to please every taste, and price points to please every purse, it's no surprise that aluminum is the most popular of outdoor furniture materials.


Suitable for use anywhere outside. Wrought and cast aluminum are also used indoors in dining, living, breakfast and sunroom areas.

    Recognizing Quality:

Screws, bolts and nuts should be stainless steel, anodized or properly plated; welds should be smooth. Inferior quality aluminum weighs less.


Low maintenance - Wipe down the furniture frame occasionally with water mixed with liquid detergent.

Cast Aluminum Features

Cast aluminum is usually investment furniture. Distinctive and elegant, it features classic designs with roots in the cast-iron styling’s of the 18th century.
This furniture is produced by pouring molten aluminum into moulds and then allowing it to cool. The prototype for each casting mould is hand carved, permitting elaborate detailing.
Cast aluminum is undeniably handsome and elegant. While its beauty is striking, its demeanour is classic and understated. There are pieces available for seating, dining and lounging. Furniture of cast aluminum is often so exquisitely detailed that it seems to have come from a museum. But, like tubular aluminum, it is also amazingly durable and easy to maintain.
Quality cast-aluminum furniture can be costly and is not for the family that craves a new look every few seasons. But, if you treat this category as a collector might, acquiring pieces over a number of years, you will end up with exactly what you want - an outdoor room that is second to none..

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