Cast Iron Garden Furniture V Aluminium Garden Furniture

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We Sell White Garden Furniture 

This guide talks you through the differences between cast iron and cast aluminum garden furniture. It highlights the advantages to buying aluminium rather than cast iron and also points out potential probelms. There are 5 main advantages to buying aluminium garden furniture rather than cast iron. I have listed them below.

1. The first is the price. Aluminum is more readily available than cast iron and is therefore offered at a fraction of the price of cast iron table and chairs. Aluminium garden furniture is cheap garden furniture.

2. Aluminium does not retain heat like cast iron. Cast iron outdoor furniture left out in he sunshine is likely to be impossible to sit on without cushions

3. Aluminium garden furniture is ideal for portability. It is easier to lift inside during the winter months.

4. If however you's prefer to leave it out all year round there are no worries about aluminium furniture rusting. With basic care and maintenance aluminium patio furniture will last for years.

4. Cast Aluminium furniture has the classic look of cast iron without the maintenance headaches cast iron requires. Cleaning aluminium is a simple process of washing with soapy water and then rinsing.

One thing to bear in mind when choosing aluminium garden furniture is what type of aluminium to go for. Cast aluminium is very similar to cast iron. It has the classic appearance of cast iron and is sturdy, strong and long-lasting. The other type of aluminium to watch out for is extruded aluminum. Extruded aluminium is shaped by something called an 'extrusion press'. It is often very flimsy and may even blow away in strong winds! Cast aluminium is a durable outdoor metal. Although not quite as heavy as cast iron, cast aluminum has a significant weight, so you are not in danger of your outdoor table and chairs doing a runner on a windy day.

I hope I have helped you make up your mind about what type of outdoor furniture to choose this summer. Our shabby chic garden furniture (which I'm sure you will have seen by now) is a really impressive example of cast aluminium patio furniture. White garden furniture is incredibly fashionable at the moment and this versatile garden set looks exceptional. I know because I have one myself :) 

Thanks for reading.

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