Cast Iron Novelty Banks

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In 1890 toy makers started to make Iron toy mechanical banks,many of the actual makers were from Iron foundries when times were slack,, workmen would make the toys,Makers of Cast Iron Toy Banks were mainly built by following makers and if dont show any makers marks 9 times out of 10 they are repros Sad thing is many repros were made even in 1890s also,,but the wellknown makers stamped their banks with following names,,,  Kenton, A.C. Williams, Grey Iron Casting Co.,  Banthrico, Vindex Toys, John Wright, Chamberlain & Hill, Arcade, Enterprise Mfg., Shepard Hardware, and Disney. S England also had many makers but reckon they have more today,its sad that there is nothing real left everything just seems to have a copy,,

You will find that many fakes are not made of cast iron but alloys you also find that many of the fake banks cant hold the old copper penny as the hand is far to small,,the other thing to notice is the base,, the originals had a base with holes and the cash was removed by a round lid that turned to right to unlock and lift off,then they started to make them in 70s with rubber stoppers, plastic stoppers, on base and many would appear seller stating they had lost metal lid,sometimes makers name was on base and other times it was on back where it said Jolly Nigger Bank and makers name below that,  Dinah banks never used to have name on front ,American makers started that,I remember in 70s no one would buy American made banks and many were binned,,I wish I can remember where :),but whether Fake or real they are an item of beauty and fun to children and many adults.  Enjoy, its fun collecting

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