Cat Fleas !

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If your cat has fleas you will notice this by them scratching or maybe even you have noticed small bites on your legs or arms?  There pretty easy to get rid of really, you just need to do a few things.

Firstly, you should know, if you see one flea, your cat will no doubt have more!  One flea will lay 100 eggs and they in turn hatch, go through there pupae and larvae stages, and becoming fleas will go on to lay 100 eggs each and so the problem gets big!  Now, flea eggs can survive a lot and will lay dormant for up to TWO years before hatching.  They will hatch and feed on anything moving and full of blood.  So its important to treat your pet and environemnt... heres how..



Dont bother with any of brands that are mega cheap like bob martins or 'own brand flea killer!'.  They simply are not effective enough.  This includes flea collars. And flea commbes are not a permanent soloution. They are not effective enough.  Use a good quality product like Frontline spot on or Frontline Plus.  Fronbtline is available on line and in petshops as they are no longer a Prescription only medicine for pets, so have a good search and compare prices before buying.  Obviosuly a six pack will work out cheaper than a three pack.  Use the right amount, if you are using the easy to use pipettes, break open and put in several spots directly on the skin around the neck area, rather than in one, then the product works better.  Use all year around, as central heating and mild climate keeps fleas alive.



Get a good quality household spray like Indorex or staykill and treat your home.  Fleas will lay eggs on the cat an in dark areas, all over.  So if your cat goes upstairs, on your bed, in your car, on your furniture, etc.. eggs will be there.  So spray liberally in all those places.  Wear a mask or cover your nose as they often stink and not sure breathing any chemicals is good!  Leave for bit, airate house, then hover!  And hover well, all corners, skirtings, everything.  Cover fish and any other animals should come out the home whilst spraying.  Do this spray according to instruction at least twice a year, even if you dont see fleas, as it will keep guarded.



Why worm?  Well fleas are the intermediate host of worms, so if your cat has had fleas, worm away.  Use a good one like drontal or milbemax, get at your vets if cant on line.  Now most wormers only clear out the worms currently in the system, so you would need to make sure fleas are gone before doing, then re do a month later.


Generally, fleas are more furious in the summer, but prevention is better than cure, so keep them protected all year around.

Good Luck!  Hope this helps!



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