Chakras & Crystals

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Our chakras are energy centres in our body, linked to different endocrine glands

There are 7 main centres, but there are 4 additional chakras not always considered.

From above our head to below our feet they are:

  • TRANS-PERSONAL clear crystals like rock quartz ENLIGHTMENT etheric

  • CROWN* purple crystals, eg. lepidolite, amethyst, fluorite UNDERSTANDING pineal gland

  • 3rd EYE* indigo blue crystals, eg. lapis lazuli, sodalite, sapphire INTUITION pituary gland

  • THROAT* blue crystals, eg. blue lace agate, dumortierite  COMMUNCATION thyroid

  • THYMUS blue green, eg. turquoise, turquonite, aquamarine EXPRESSION

  • HEART* green/pink, eg. rose quartz/ aventurine 2 WAY LOVE CHANNELS heart

  • SOLAR PLEXUS* yellow, eg. citrine, picture jasper CONFIDENCE & JOY pancreas

  • NAVEL orange-yellow crystals, like carnelian agate or amber, which is a resin VITALITY

  • SACRAL* orange crystals, e.g. carnelian, goldstone (lab. made) CREATIVITY reproductive organs

  • BASE* red crystals, for example red or brecciated jasper COMPASSION adrenal glands

  • EARTH STAR dark brown/black/metallic crystals: jasper, onyx, hematite GROUNDING etheric

* 7 most referred to chakras

This is very basic information, but if you are a novice reaching out for more knowledge, I'd recommend:

  1. Choose a crystal you feel instinctively drawn to
  2. Before reading up on it, cleanse it first, then..
  3. Take it to bed and ask for your dream to reveal how the crystal can help you.
  4. Read about the crystal, see how your dream (if you have one) relates to what you read

I've had the most amazing revelations doing this !

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