Chanel 180 colour eyeshadow palettes

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01 May 2008

I've noticed several people selling these "bargains", 180 colours seems too good to miss!  I have seen them bid up to £300!  The latest on went for £75.

Fantastic bargain for a designer brand?  One small thing, the seller has probably omitted mentioning...

These are FAKE!


Chanel have NEVER made this kind of maxi palette.  The packaging looks cheap and nasty, the font on the box is
incorrect, in short they are fake - and yet people bid.  Don't get fobbed off by stories of seller working for a model agency,
or as a make up artist or as a beauty editor - it's as fake as what you have just spent £300 on.

Who knows what chemicals these colours contain?  Arsenic, Selenium, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead?  Who has tested them? YOU will have the honour of doing that; and let's face it, if your skin gets damaged Chanel won't be interested and you will be on your own.  If I need to spell it out any clearer - why won't they be interested.  They NEVER manufactured it, nor endorsed it in the first instance.

Ladies and gentlemen, get your facts right, know what you are buying and don't buy fakes - educate yourself!

If in doubt you can always ask me a question and I might be able to save you money and spare your skin.

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