Chanel Pure Parfum Listings

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The purpose of me writing this guide is simple and three-fold - Firstly the fact that like many women (and men) out there, I am very enthusiastic about the Chanel perfume range; secondly, we are all aware of the current recession in the UK and how this is affecting our economy and public spending which means that luxury items are always highly sought after on sites like Ebay, and thirdly the fact that we all need to educate ourselves about what we are sold given the current economical crisis and whether such prices are acceptable.

I have recently come across numerous ebay listings claiming to sell genuine Chanel pure parfums - let me stipulate that I am not contesting the authenticity of these items but the PRICING that is attached. Such listings appear occasionally from sellers located around the world and boast the quality, value for money and the benefits attached to pure parfum but the real question is - is it really value for money?


One listing recently advertised on Ebay claimed that a 7.5 ml of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Pure Parfum retails in the excess of £90 and 3.5 ml retails from £45, claiming to be 'great value', and a 'bargain'. Thes item location was Australia. Now, to an average person that may seem like a bargain given the usual price tags attached to these products. But is it really a bargain or are we being 'ripped-off' here?

The Coco Mademoiselle parfum range as sold in an famous renowned departmental store throughout the UK retails for the following:

15ml of pure parfum - £65 guide price

30ml of pure parfum - £102 guide price

Now, according to the above sizes and prices, how can one claim that these listings are value for money? Are we being mis-sold a product, or is it ignorance from the consumer? 

Please check this out for yourself - search now on item locations prices. 

Answers on a postcard please.......................................




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