Character Pocket Watches - Ingersoll, Smiths & others.

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This is in response to a similar guide written by toyhob, who's list of all licensed character/advertising watches is far from correct and incomplete, with a great deal of the watches listed not even being manufactured by Smiths/Ingersoll or to be correct Anglo-Celtic.  He appears to have read one book and listed the watches they mention, when hundreds have been missed.  Any collector knows that one book does not give you all the knowledge you need and TO AVOID THE NUMEROUS UNLICENSED WATCHES available, much more reading and research is required.  To mention a few he's missed.

Smiths, Ingersoll (Anglo-Celtic) - Ranger, Jamboree, Football (blue & yellow skies), the 1953 coronation watches, the Guinness automaton & cross bottle watches, the 1951 'From Outer Space' and the Esquire magazine watches.

American Ingersoll - Too numerous to mention all but their first Scouting Watch.

Ansonia - The first Scouting watch ever to be made.

New England - Many picture dialled watches on their Padishah Duplex Movement, including Dogs & Horses.

Westclox - Again too many to mention but one of the first being the 1939 Royalty visit to Canada.

Ingraham & New Haven (not the same company) - Trail Blazer watches including Graf Zepplin & Flight over the Pole, 7 seas, Topple, Clown and many advertising watches, including Robin Hood Shoes and Hacksaw blades, the World Fair, South & Pan American Fair watches, plus many others.  The early 1930's Mary Had a Little Lamb was one of the first to be produced. 

Swiss watches - All their Sporting Automatons, 1962 Africa v Chile World Cup, 1935 Youngers Brewery Jubilee, 1904 Ali Sloper, 1915-35 Royal Jubilee Watch, plus, all the airoplane & motoring watches.

These are only a few of the more common watches, I have original Ingersoll Tobacco advertising pocket watches plus others, going back to their first back wind and set pocket watches.









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