Cheap Chinese CD/DVD players

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Are they any good??

Well I have got 2 and I have had them for a year, together they cost £280 1 single din 4.5" screen and 1 double dine 7" screen. They both have tons of features far more than any £700 unit from the big boys.

Ok saying that are they better ?..........NO what bugs me is that with a bit more spent on quality they would wipe the floor with the likes of JVC, SONY, KENWOOD and so on.

So whats wrong with them?
The first thing you notice is the poor operating system for instance on both of mine the main sound setup is only available when in Radio mode, it will change play back in all modes its just annoying you can only set it to the radio first.
On the double din you can turn off the screen, which is great for night driving BUT ....yep you guessed it only in radio mode

Radio scan tune waste of space just tunes to any noise that it finds so have to tune manually but even then has poor station retention.

Both have TV both analogue need I say more

Both have Bluetooth which the kids like as they can connect there phones and play there music PROVIDING the phone is no more than 6" from unit or it will loose connection. AS for using it for phone calls well I give up trying that main problem being rubbish mic. you could only be heard if you stopped driving and turned the engine off which sort of defeats the object.

The one good thing is the sound quality this I have found very good, when watching a film (not while driving) you often find yourself looking behind you as it sounds like the actors are in the car with you so I stopped watching horrrors when out on my own LOL.

Ok now we come to reliability the single din has worked fine until recently when 1 of my speakers shorted out and blow the amp (more expensive units have protection for this to prevent damage) so that as no one will repair it.

The double din has taken a dislike to cold weather and keeps turning its self off until the car has warmed up but other than that its been fine.

I haven't given the make and models for the simple reason that they make them up and are changed regulary to make people think its something new so neither of my units are anylonger listed.

The question is are they a rip off well NO you get what you pay for what is a rip off is the massive price charged for a similer item from the big boys yes the quality is better but £550 better and lack some of the features of the cheap units.  Also if you buy a cheap unit for say £200 and it last 2 years then buy another you can get 6.5 years service for the same price of a expensive one.

So the decision is yours

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