Cheap House Removal Quotes For When Moving Home

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Moving home is always a stressful time.  One thing that only adds to this is trying to find a removal firm to move your beloved possessions to their new home.

Now there is a way to get quotes from hundreds of removal companies online.  What's more, you can get rates of up to 75% off because you can make use of moving lorries that are already making similar trips to you.

For example, let's say that the Jones family is moving from Manchester to London.  Tony who runs ABC Removals is contracted for the job and is Manchester-based.  Currently he plans to do the move but knows he'll have to come back from London to Manchester empty after unloading the Jones stuff.

This is where  Shiply steps in.  The Smith Family are also moving, but from London to Manchester and list their move on  Shiply for free.  Tony of ABC Removals looks at  Shiply and offers them a cut price for the removal as he is going to be making the journey anyway.  So, the Smith's save themslves up to 75%.

Shiplyis free and has been used by over 11,000 people in the UK.

Check it out on eBay's own web site here:
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