Cheap Mattresses

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I have noticed a huge number of cheap budget mattresses on ebay recently, and I should point out that although beds and mattresses are far cheaper through ebay than they are in the shops, there are some things to look out for to make sure you don't end up with some cheap and nasty mattress that your dog wouldn't sleep on:

  1. Have a look at the photo of the mattress, if it looks like it doesn't have much quilting, then it probably doesn't, and you may feel the springs.
    If it looks like this with a flat top that doesn't stand proud of the beading at the edge, then it has very little quilting.

    However if a cheap mattress looks like this one with obvious quilting standing proud of the edge beading, then it is a far better quality mattress.

    The price difference between two mattresses like these can be as little as £10, but it is well worth it.

  2. Following on from what I have said above, you should take a good look at the other mattresses from the same seller. If they use the same photo for a few different models then ask questions. Or if the photo looks like the one below, but it is a very cheap price, then be suspicious.

  3. Another thing to watch out for is the fabric. Cheaper quality mattresses tend to be covered in stitchbond, which is a low cost woven polyester which usually comes in quite bold colours, or chequered patterns like the two photos near the top of the page. Even if these mattresses look to be deep quilted, they tend to be made to a lower standard, as the stitchbond is used to keep production costs down. Higher quality mattresses as a general rule tend to be covered in either a damask (which has a satin look to it), or one of the new 4 way stretch materials used with memory foam mattresses.
  4. Also as I have mentioned in another guide, there are a few sellers on ebay selling fake memory foam mattresses. If you find a memory foam mattress that looks very cheap, then just ask me, and I will give you my honest opinion.


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