Cheap 'Redhead' lights from HK - Electrical safety!

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Just picked up 3 x redhead video lights from a HK seller. The lights themselves are very good value and I'm surprised how good they are for the money and what's included in the sale - basically 3 redhead lights with barn-doors, 3 stands and a holdall to carry them in - all so far so good.

As a past electrical engineer, I am however concerned about a major safety flaw with these lights. The light body is metal, and not double insulated, so therefore an appliance such as this should be properly earthed. Checking the power connectors of the lights, I realised that there is no such earth connector - its just a 2 pin (European style) mains plug, containing no earth cable. This means that if the live connector came loose inside the light and touched the metal, then the case of the light would be live at 230v (UK), and no fuse would blow, so it would remain live, and anyone touching it would provide an effective route to earth.

Put in laymans terms - without an earth connection these lights are potentially deadly!

Despite this issue, these lights are just too good value to send back, so I intend to replace the cables on these lights with 3 core - including a proper earth cable, and a proper UK, fused mains plug!

Regards, Paul A
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