Cheap Scam, American muscle cars.

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There seems to be a developing trend at the moment, [not just with "yank cars" either] but regularly there's been an increase in the number of classified advert scams. Ok so your too bright to be caught [stop reading now], but what if you know nothing about classic american cars?

At first these "scammers" were asking £1900 for example for a car such as a Corvette, thats probably worth a minimum of £5,000 even rough. Last week or two they have been asking about £5000, example, a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS convertible with 685 horsepower. It would take £1000's above and beyond 5k to build and restore one of those never mind push the power to 685hp.

These were easy to spot at first, they were way to cheap, always zero feedback, and for sale in london, London or dublin, Dublin,or similar. Now their prices are getting higher, and some of the sellers [scammers] have good feedback [mainly all as buyers though] which is easy to create if you buy a few things at a pound each. People at various clubs including myself have reported these to e-bay, some are removed immediately, some are there a week later, and why not, they pay for a classified advert so e-bay gets the money, there's now so many its a long job sifting through them, and why should we do their job? If your looking for something different, just be careful, these people dont answer e-mails unless you offer money to buy, 1st rule of thumb is usually the price, if it looks to cheap, there's probably something wrong. Next are the photos, usually reversed, often the cars look right hand drive. Number plates blanked out or missing [usually US plates] and the pictures are invariably taken stateside [as they are often lifted off]. Often they have used blatantly obvious US english in the description, but are getting craftier by adding "car now in UK" or "All taxes paid" , "UK registered" etc, etc but there's usually no pictures outside Westminster Abbey !!

Dont be caught out, check everything and then check it again.


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