Cheap and nasty Alloys - Avoid

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They arrived promptly and looked great and then the problems started.
Firstly they were so unbalanced that even after trying a second set of new tyres the fitter still struggled to get the weights on to balance these. There were weights in four places on one of the wheels and because they lacquer the inside they had to be rubbed down on the inside  for the weights to stick. The car didn't ride well as a result.
Two months on and the paint is just peeling away on all four alloys. I have my car washed twice a week by hand and yet they look like they are 8 years old already. The lacquer and the paint underneath has started to flake off even in the centre of the wheel. I never use a jet wash or car wash and the salt is always hand-washed off.
I have no confidence in these alloys as a result - they are very badly made. 
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