Cheap phones

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Right, Another new one (and I'm not entirely sure Ebay allows this)

Surfing through Ebay tonight for a mobile phone, Looking at the prices first seeing up to £200+ I suddenly saw just £10.00 Buy it now..."Wow and he's got 100 of them!" (First thought of course)

Scroll down these auctions and as usual hidden at the bottom is "This auction is 100 envelopes, 1 envelope has "You have won" the others contain TRY AGAIN"

So let's see, a £200.00 phone, 100 x £10.00, Mmm, No wonder the seller can <POSSIBLY> Send you a winning ticket if he's made £1,000 from one phone!

Are people really that gullible, Why are Ebay allowing this???

Finally of course, Don't forget the now famous hijacked accounts,Sellers in Nigeria asking for Western Union Payments (DO read the other guides on these scams,People have lost 1,000's of pounds on Ebay just on phones,laptops,MP3 players etc)

Can I also suggest if you have a good ISP with a newsgroup service,ADD IT and read the uk.people.consumers.ebay group, It's invaluable for finding out the scams before buying and you'll get a response a lot faster than Ebay!


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