Cheaper Holidays

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Decide the following in advance ..........

1.... What part of the world you want to go to. The bigger the area to pick from, the better it works. For example, saying Florida is better than saying Orlando. Saying Southern East Spain is better than saying Malaga.

2..... Possible dates for outward and return journey. Allow as much leeway as possible. For instance, if your first possible date is a Friday, allow it to be Saturday or Sunday if possible. Same with the return.

3... Number and ages of passengers.

Then have a look at Teletext for companies that deal with travel to the area you want to go to and make a note of their name and phone number. Try to get 6 or more.

Phone the first company on your list and give them the details you decided on earlier. They will come back to you, either right there and then or by calling you back, with a suggested holiday and a TOTAL price. If you are not happy with the destination, tell them to find something else. Once you have a destination that you like, ask them if that is the best price they can do? Armed with their best price, tell them you'll need to think about it and put the phone down.

Next, call the second company on your list and give them the same details you gave the first firm. Only this time, you add the info that **Name the first company** say they can send you to **Name the resort**, which you quite like the sound of for a total price of **Name the actual price but MINUS £50**

9 times out of 10, the second company will find the same holiday, in the same hotel, with the same board (B/B, B/B EM, All INC etc) as the first company but will miraculously beat their supposed price by £20 or so.

You carry on phoning the different companies, knocking a bit off the price every time until you find 2 companies that can't beat your last price. Then you know it's time to book.

Enjoy your holiday but fer Gawd's sake don't tell anyone that you paid £140 for the same holiday they paid £300 for.

As an example, my wife and I did 6 trips to Las Vegas in 3 years. Each time we went was for a minimum of 2 weeks and a max of 3 weeks. ALL the trips included flights, hotel, car rental (but not car insurance) airport taxes etc. The most we paid, in TOTAL mind not each, was £360, the least was £240

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