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This is just a quick guide to those who dont mind waiting a little longer for there items, as long as the price is GOOD.

Here goes try looking on the american EBAY site there are a lot of bargains to be had believe me, just out of curiosity one day i looked on there for some off road clothing and found some real cheap quality items. When you get a quote for posting you think how effing much but converted to pounds you will be surprised. I managed to buy a complete off road set of trousers, shirt, and a pair of gloves all made by ACERBIS a well known name in off road stuff delivered in 3 yes thats THREE DAYS from the USA with a tracking number all for under £69 and good quality gear too. It takes some sellers that long if not longer to post from UK.

Also i had a look for some engine casing guards as well, what do you know both side protectors in thick aluminium to fit my DRZ400 $19 and $6 posting, which when converted came to about £14 delivered in about a week, looked in motorcycle accessories on UK site and they were £23 for each side plus posting fee, another bargain, if you have the time and can be bothered looking for what you want because over there some things are not where you would expect to find them and dont mind waiting a little longer than normal go on get some BARGAINS.....

My first buy was an ARAI RX7 top of the range helmet in the hayden blue and silver colours costing me with delivery was £260, not bad for a brand new ARAI helmet that would cost about £450 over here....

Dont forget if the thing your buying is heavy and big like an exhaust, and is $80 delivery thats  only about £40 - £45 which isnt much more than sellers charge over here, dont forget there prices are in dollars and look more expensive until converted..

This does not just apply to motorcycle related gear, but for a wide range of stuff, try it for yourself.........

And to finish off all my buys from the USA have been faultless, just make sure you check out the seller first and if your happy GO FOR IT.....

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                        Regards to all...........Ian


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