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Sometimes when I see somethings thats really cheap, I get this urge to buy it before it runs off the shelves. A smartphone going for 99p! Wow thats great! But have you ever tried to consider the after effects of buying? What happens if you recieve the item and try it for a few days, doesn't work and try to get a refund? But then you realise you cannot because the seller doesn't take returns! I have fallen in this trap before and I want to warn others aswell, ebay has so many buyers and sellers, which is why its a good idea to check the returns policy or a refund policy of the seller, especially when you buy something from auction! I love the idea of saving so much money but although some brand new phones, gadgets, designer items maybe expensive, it may be sometimes that there is a lesser chance of you getting ripped off. There are things you can do to avoid this and here are some suggestions:

-ALWAYS check the return policy of the product and make sure you are happy with it!

-Don't in for last minute buys unless you are sure of what you are buying exactly and you have read the terms of the product

-If you aren't sure, do ask for help! There are many discussions boards etc. that you can look into and they aare very useful!

-Please please when you buy, make sure you can pay for it! It maybe that you bid low and get beaten but don't try to beat that bid unless you can pay for it!

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