Check out this valuation service before buying a car!!

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valuations We have all seen and heard the figures of how many vehicles Ebay sells daily. It is without doubt, the largest dealer forcourt in the world. Just why do so many traders and dealers love selling via Ebay? Whilst there are plenty of good honest dealers and private individuals out there just trying to make an honest buck, there are more and more rogue dealers appearing,because of two reasons. One,they can flog that piece of rubbish without much comeback, when it falls apart on us taking it back home up the motorway and two because we are all paying well over the odds for these vehicles. Look at any vehicle on Ebay and most have reserves set at over what they would be on any forecourt, and even those that have no reserve rarely lose because people get caught up in the excitment of the auction. Folks, we pay too much for everything in this country as it is with all the taxes we pay, lets not pay too much for things we have a choice in. Before you bid on any vehicle, just spent two minutes checking out the car with the following valuation service and good luck>

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